I want to thank Pete for helping me overcome severe acid reflux.  I've had a long history of acid problems that would worsen after drinking coffee or eating pasta.  My "go to" medicine was extra strength Tums.  I kept a bottle of Tums in my car, in my truck, at home, and at work.  I would eat them all day and every day.  Sometimes two at a time.  A few years ago, I went to my family doctor and she put me on a proton pump inhibitor.  It helped, but still had to take Tums for the bad days.  During that time, I read that this medicine was not good for long term use.  So after 3 years, I began to slowly wean off of the medication. During the next couple of months, and after stopping the meds, my acid reflux was worse than ever.

I could risk my health by going back on the meds but thought it couldn't hurt to try alternative methods first.  I tried altering my diet by cutting out trigger foods and drinking low acid coffee.  It helped, but it did not solve my problem.  So I called up Pete and asked if he could help me with acupuncture.   He said yes and the rest is history.  I began to feel relief after the first visit.  After each visit, my issue with acid reflux got less noticeable until it was gone.  I haven't been to his office for a while.  I still keep the Tums all over the place just in case I ever need them, however,  they are the same bottles I had when I began acupuncture.  I drink coffee everyday and eat whatever I wish without adverse effects.  I still cringe every time I feel the need to  belch because it would alway bring up stomach acid.  I quickly remember that it is not a problem anymore.  As far as I'm concerned,  I'm healed.

Thanks again Pete!

B. M.