I am a retired nurse who has been seeing Peter Marek for the last three months for weekly acupuncture treatments. I contracted Polio as a toddler and have experienced Post-Polio Syndrome since my forties. This means I have multiple joint, muscle and nerve pain symptoms. I have also been a chronic insomniac for the past twenty years.  After my first treatment, I slept for six continuous hours which was unbelievable for me. I continue to enjoy a better quality of sleep along with a reduction in my physical pain, especially my lower back pain.

Peter is a knowledgeable practitioner. He was able to answer any of the questions I put to him. He is a good educator. He explained his evaluation methods as well as each step of the treatment as he was initiating it. His initial evaluation was very thorough, and he checks at each visit as to what is working and changing in my health after the last visit.

I highly recommend Peter as an excellent and professional acupuncturist. and I will be continuing my treatments with him.



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