Pete has truly improved my life.  I have been suffering from Fibromyalgia in addition to an unspecified auto immune disorder, endometriosis, and migraine headaches for many years now.  I have had severe joint pain, neck and back pain due to arthritis, severe pain and weakness in my hands, random numbness throughout my entire body, heart palpitations, traveling cold and hot sensations, insomnia, blurry vision, acid reflux, electrifying nerve pains, and more. I have tried several different medications that have only helped short term.  There are too many medications to list.  I felt drained and defeated.

My husband suggested acupuncture.  He knew Pete for a few years, and suggested that we call him to see if he could help me.  I spoke with him and told him about everything that was going on with me.  He let me know that he could help, and would come up with a specific treatment plan for me.  I was skeptical, and didn’t believe that acupuncture would help.  I thought that I would have a treatment done, and walk out with no changes…boy was I wrong.   When I saw Pete for the first time he took the time and listened to how I was feeling.  I was a little scared, but Pete helped me to relax.  The treatment wasn’t painful like I thought it would be.

Once the treatment was over, I was amazed with the way I felt.  After a 20 minute treatment I felt less pain and more energy.  I had a great night sleep that night.  The following day I noticed that my back pain had significantly reduced, my heart palpitations reduced, and my overall pain reduced.  My husband and son noticed that I was feeling better based off of my energy level.  That first visit was the start of a great relationship.

I continue to see Pete on a regular basis.  I am still amazed on how his treatments help me.  I feel 95% better than I had prior to seeing him.  Before we get started he always gets an update on how my health has been.   As my symptoms change, Pete will adjust my treatment accordingly.  Whatever it is, Pete is always there to help.  He is very attentive and caring.  The atmosphere is calm and relaxing.  My husband sees Pete now too.  I highly recommend visiting Pete at The Center for Advanced Acupuncture.  It has changed my life in so many ways.

C. M.


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